How to Make a Jughead Costume

Forsythe P. Jones, or “Jughead” as he is affectionately called by his Riverdale friends, is the lazy, witty and food-obsessed best friend of Archie Andrews in the “Archie” comic series. His signature crown gives him his distinctive look, perfect for a costume this Halloween.

Things You’ll Need

  • Fedora
  • Red sweater
  • White fabric paint
  • Jeans
  • Paint a white “S” using fabric paint on the center of the front side of a red sweater.

  • Turn an old fedora inside out.

  • Cut off the brim of the hat.

  • Cut out the top of the hat so you have one cylindrical piece.

  • Cut jagged lines out of the top sides of the hat to resemble a crown.

  • Pair the red sweater and hat with a pair of jeans and sneakers.


How Fast Does the Flash Run?

The Flash is the name given to several DC comic book superheroes since 1940. Every person who has fought against evil under the guise of the Flash have all shared the same power: super speed. The exact speed that the Flash can run varies greatly, depending on which person is operating as the Flash and what the environmental conditions are. DC has stated, however, that all Flashes can run at least at light speed, which is more than 670 million miles per hour.

  • Determine which Flash to which you refer. For example, Golden Age Flash is Jay Garrick, Silver Age Flash is Barry Allen and others include Wally West and several others from the Allen family.

  • Consider the Flash’s environments. For example, in issue #220 of Flash v2, the Flash won a race against Superman in a non-hostile environment, where the latter ran at 2,000 miles a second, or Mach 9350. However, in a cold, wet environment, the Flash is considerably slower.

  • Calculate the Flash’s top speed in a non-hostile environment depending on who he is. For example, Golden Age Flash is officially stated to run at the speed of sound, or the speed of light with speed-force assistance. Silver Age Flash is officially stated to be able to circle the world within three minutes.


DIY Comic Book Storage Cabinets

Comic book storage is important in protecting your precious comic books over the years from wear and tear. Comic book enthusiasts have been collecting comic books since the 20th century. Designing your own comic book storage cabinet allows you to create it as large as you need and customized to fit your collection. Some comic books increase in their value as they age and you want to preserve them in the best condition you can.

Things You’ll Need

  • Particle board
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Sand paper
  • 1-inch screws
  • Power drill
  • Primer
  • Acid free paint
  • Paint brush
  • Measure your particle board with the tape measure. Mark off with the pencil how wide you want your comic book cabinet to be. Measure the length you want and mark it on the board. The size of your cabinet should be at least a couple inches wider than the actual comic book width.

  • Cut the base of your cabinet out with the saw according to your markings. Sand the edges of the board to smooth out any uneven edges, preventing splinters.

  • Measure the sides to your cabinet on the particle board and mark it with the pencil. You will need a front and back piece equal to the width of your bottom piece. You will need two side pieces the same length as the long sides of your cabinet bottom.

  • Cut out the side pieces with your saw. Sand the corners to remove sharp edges.

  • Hold one side against the bottom board. Use your power drill with a 1-inch screw and drill the pieces together. Screw in a screw at each corner to attach your sides to the bottom. Drill in a screw along the top edges to secure the cabinet together all the way around.

  • Spray on a primer base coat to the entire wood cabinet. Allow it to dry completely. Apply acid free paint with a paint brush to the outside of the box. This will protect the wood and add color to your comic book storage cabinet. Allow the cabinet to dry completely for 24 hours before storing your comic books.


How to Sell Vintage Toys

People sell vintage toys for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have a large collection you need to sell due to a move. Maybe you inherited some vintage toys you do not want. Perhaps you have set yourself up as a merchant of vintage toys and need to know how to move them. Whatever your reason for wanting to sell vintage toys, there are plenty of places where you can find buyers.

Things You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access

Find the Right Venues to Sell Vintage Toys

  • Put your listings on eBay (see Resources below). Placing a listing on eBay will expose it to more potential buyers than even the most expensive targeted marketing campaign.

  • Advertise locally. If packing and shipping the toys you sell isn’t for you, you may want to stick to selling to the local area. In that case, taking out an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper or placing a free ad on Craigslist (see Resources below) is a good option.

  • Get on board–on message boards, that is. There are plenty of message boards on the Internet that are devoted to toys of all kinds. Toy enthusiasts post regularly to these boards, asking questions and sharing stories. Most boards have a section for buying and selling toys. Place a post here to let others know what you have to offer. A good place to find a toy discussion board is on EZ Boards (see Resources below).

  • Place an ad in a collectors’ magazine. A visit to your local bookstore or library is all the research you need to do to find out what magazines exist that are devoted to the type of toys you have to sell. Find the telephone number of the advertising department for your chosen magazine (it’s usually listed in the first few pages) and give them a call to place your ad.

  • Set up a table at a convention. Using Internet message boards or collectors’ magazines, you can find out if there are any toy conventions coming up in your area. If there are, contact the organizers about setting up a vendor’s table at the convention. You can use this table to sell your toys to convention attendees.


How to Determine if My Barbie Doll is Worth Much

Barbie dolls, first introduced by Mattel in 1959, are sought after by collectors worldwide. If you have kept your Barbie dolls from when you were a child, or if you have acquired them another way, you may be wondering how much your doll is worth. There are several key things to look for that will help you determine what kind of value your doll has. Degree of wear and tear, your doll’s age and rarity are all factors that contribute to how much your Barbie is worth.

Things You’ll Need

  • Barbie doll
  • Examine your doll carefully and note how much damage and wear and tear it has, or if any defects are on the doll. Damage will decrease the value. If your collectible Barbie doll has never been removed from the box, it is worth much more than a Barbie doll that has been removed and played with. A collectible Barbie doll that has been altered or restored may seem pretty, but it is worth less to collectors.

  • Look on your Barbie’s abdomen. The date on your collectible Barbie doll’s abdomen is not the date it was made, rather it is the date the mold was created. The fewer Barbie dolls of a specific type that were made means they have a greater value. Collector Editions of Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of 35,000, and Limited Editions are produced in quantities of less than 35,000. If you have the Barbie doll’s original outfit, your Barbie doll is worth more wearing it than if you have it dressed in other fashions. This is also true for accessories. Original accessories will increase the value of your Barbie doll.

  • Purchase a book that lists current values for Barbie dolls or obtain an up-to-date book from the library. Look up your doll in the book and match the condition to the listings to determine value. When looking through a pricing guide, use several guides and get the average price to determine a realistic value. Compare your Barbie dolls with other collectors, collector shows in the area, local stores, auctions and online searches to get an idea of their value. You may want to get your Barbie dolls appraised if you are unable to locate them in a collecting guide.